Join us on the 16th September 2023 for an 8 or 12 mile circular walk or run in aid of St John the Divine, Cliviger.

2023/09/16 10:00:00

Left Until the Walk!

Experience Spectacular Views Of Cliviger

From Spring Gardens (Firemans Helmet) Barcroft, Hurstwood (Historic Hurstwood Hall dates back to 1579) the reservoirs of Hurstwood and Cant Clough, the Long Causeway and the Windfarm, Ratten Clough and Thieveley Pike.

A Word from the Organiser

“Our walk is in aid of Church Funds to preserve a very ancient and historical building which was consecrated in 1787.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the walk through the years along with the many volunteers who have helped provide refreshments and look after the participants during the day.

We are grateful to the local businesses that have supported us by advertising in our walk booklet and any individuals who have donated in any way.

A special thanks this year goes to Scottish power [via the Cliviger Community Fund] for making this website possible, their support has enabled us to move forward in hopefully making Scarlett’s Stride a more successful fund raiser for St John the Divine church.”

Many thanks, Matthew Pickles, Organiser

Past Walks

Our thanks to the father and son team who recorded these lovely views on their way, walking Scarlett’s Stride 2012.

With grateful thanks to Scottish Power for making this website possible